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Key team members


Karamvir Singh  Rajpal - Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, Founder (Since 2014)

He is a M.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering. He has several copyrighted works under his belt and has received several laurels for his innovative start-ups and inventions. His innovations and enterprises span a vast spectrum, ranging from edutech, telecommunications, IoT, safety, and therapeutics.

Dr. Neeraj Kumar Kapil  - Chief Outreach Officer, Co-Founder (Since 2016)

He is MBA graduate from University of Rome. He is X-Culture qualified in SCM and SAP.

Parveen Singla  - Public Affairs Executive, Strategy & Marketing Head (Since 2018)

He is Research Scholar, M.Phil and MBA in Marketing. He has over 4 years of academic experience and in management level at various universities in Punjab. He has participated in various recruitment and placement drive.


Subhash Sharma  -  Working as Pro Bono Officer for selective brands (Since 2017)

He is MBA graduate in Marketing. He is full of dynamism and carries wealth of experience in education field.

Kumar Saurabh  - Chief Business Advisor (Since 2017)

He is BBA graduate in Marketing. He is analytical and visionary young champ in picking things easily. He carries sound awareness of the current startup ecosystem. 


Amit Gujar - Pro Bono Technical Coordinator for PortoCafe (Since 2017)

He carries 9 years of experience in Networking and Cloud Domain. His active involvement in making PortoCafe and has crafted the magical portable phenomena. 




Other contributors

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