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Purest and True form of Skill Development

SCODEL is re modeled format of imparting the complete education format for both development and learning. An amalgamation of Advanced Technology Skills + Moral Ethical Skills + Soft Skills. The model which exists in the form of incubator, co-working space and accelerator for aspiring Entrepreneurs and early age startups. Click here to know more about it

Motto“Pioneered with Values and Technology" 

Vision & Philosophy – Our vision is to impart fundamental knowledge for enabling the recipient to derive leverage appropriate application area. 

Stay Connected & Stay Ahead – Proven expertise and being skilled can boost to stand tall in the world of brilliants.

Analytical Outlook – Relevant fundamentals transformed into meaningful insights, within a quick span of time should be the thought.

Schematic Plan – All our courses are planned strategically for delivering the best of basics and fundamentals in education space. 


SCODEL comprises Digital Platform access, Book of particular course in both hard copy and soft copy, Work Book.

Under SCODEL with the best in class training programs which includes C++, UI/UX, Digital Marketing, Entrepreneurship Skills, as mentioned in slideshow, mentored by Karamvir Singh Rajpal, an author of Making UI a Utopian Thought and Escape from the Natural and inventor of 7 IP Works.

We have offering of both Short term and Long term programs -


  •     Entrepreneurship Skills
  •     UI+UX
  •     Mobile app development & designing (iOS, Android)
  •     Web app development and designing (AngularJS, PHP)
  •     Digital Marketing
  •     IoT
  •     Advance Electronics and Automation
  •     System Programming
  •     Cloud Computing (AWS, Azure, Citrix, Virtualization, Hyper V)
  •     Big Data 
  •     Civil Engineering (AutoCAD, STAAD Pro, 3ds Max, Revit, Building Estimation and Costing)
  •     Mechanical Engineering (AutoCAD, SolidWorks, CATIA, Creo, CAD/CAM, Ansys)
  •     Electrical Engineering (PLC Scada)
  •     C#
  •     VFX
  •     3D Designing and Animation


 Socio USP - We provide Free of Cost training along with resource to NGO and BPL students.


JobFayr - An integral part of Career Development Planning which focuses on suitable Job via definite skill set and academia. The platform was announced on 13th November 2018. Objective based Job Platform which suits every demand of providing skilled personnel and talent pool.

Books authored till now...

Great reasons to join us

  • An edtech incubator from Neonex Technology
  • Courses planned strategically for delivering the best of basics and fundamentals
  • Relevant fundamentals transformed into meaningful insights, within a quick span of time 
  • Also offers exclusive coaching for IBPS IT specialist officer in India
  • Under SCODEL we also guide lecturers, 3rd party trainers to get started with SCODEL Inhouse program. 
  • Online classes are offered and digital eBooks, material provided by mentor
  • We have trained over 50 plus underprivileged students for free of cost.

X- Factor: Post the completion of the program, candidates collaborate with their respective mentor for plethora of research areas .


  • What is the difference between SCODEL and T2OC ?

With SCODEL one gets perfect platform to write interesting content driven books on key subjects Big Data, Cloud Computing, Entrepreneurship, System Programming and etc.

At T2OC one gets chance to publish their research content in international journals and also enable to compose original content which can be both copyrighted and patented. 

  • How does At The Tech form synergy with SCODEL and T2OC ?

At The Tech provides the updates to remain connected with the latest standards of techo space for enabling cohesive content for both SCODEL and T2OC.