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The Joint Result of Neonex Technology and SAN Apparels

This Edtech started its operations formally on 15th March 2020 and is jointly carried out by SAN Apparels and Neonex Technology. This program is meant for aspiring students in the field of fashion and design. We have been successful in mentoring various students from different colleges and Universities and sharpen their skills. SAN Knitz also provides OJT, Industrial Training, and Fashion Industry commercial machine courses. SAN Knitz also provides an experience certificate on successful completion of courses for working in industries like SAN Fashionz.





Our flagship courses are well suited for both jobs and startups' founders

Fashion technology is essentially a branch of study dealing with the technicalities involved in the "making and selling" of a garment. It essentially equips you with the jargon of this apparel and garment industry, which is also closely related to the retail sector. Fashion design is the art of applying design and aesthetics or natural beauty to clothing and accessories. Fashion Technology involves the application of aesthetics to technical bent accessories and clothing. In other words, the difference between the two is 'Fashion design is a creative field in which trendy and attractive apparel or accessories are designed and fashion technology covers the manufacturing process and involves a wide use of technology in the production of apparel.' The basic educational qualification for both is Class 12 and for the fashion technology trio of Physics, Computer and Mathematics is required.

We had mentored and trained students in the likes of some of the prominent institutes and universities.

We prefer to mentor 10 students at a time, College or Students who are interested to study in Group are also most welcome. SAN Fashionz and Da V Store are our industrial tie-ups once the certified course is completed.  

Please note that we also give an affordable computing option of PortoCafe PLX which represents the theme "Carry your offline digital designer + mentor anywhere and wherever on the go" at approximately 1/7th cost of mainstream Computing solutions. The PLX comes preinstalled with the necessary content, exclusive videos, bundled Graphic Designing apps, and packages.  The rental solution is also available for PLX users. 


We are conducting classes on digital platforms



Truly Mesmerizing Certificate is valuable and valid for our associated industries





  • Da V Store 


  • SAN Fashionz

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And here we have already started from 15th March 2020 on all leading digital platforms

Our students under the wonderful mentorship of our mentors had pursued their Industrial Training with us from many well-renowned colleges and universities

When we were offline, some handful of students motivated us with positive reviews

"Nice and experienced staff and a good place to do by the industrial training regarding fashion designing. There is a lot of things learned by fashion and online marketing. I'm already done with fashion designing (Designing, Pattern making, and advanced machinery stitching) and Online Marketing (how to build your business and get the awareness of your business on digital)... I'm recommended to all fashion design interns for done their internship at this place and gain much more knowledge and make a bright future... Thanks, Anuradha Saini to make my future and increases my knowledge regarding fashion design..." - Richha S


"Good and nice experience staff about fashion industry... I'll make the T-shirts and Sweater with my logo, and the quality make is the good or very cheap price... So Thanks to the entire team to do with your business..." - Tin W


"Good place to learn about fashion industry... Nice staff and experienced staff. I join the industrial training for fashion design. We gain the different type of online and offline knowledge about business regarding fashion and fashion marketing Thanks to entire team" - Ajay R


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Isn’t a good idea when your mentor is online and you have to jot down important informative takeaways? Try our app - MRAW to streamline daily session’s

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So we are expecting you soon @ your SAN Knitz once the COVID 19 chapter gets over from our deserving blissful life

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