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Each life is precious. Let' us make travel, work, and play safe.

Mission: Productivity and Safety goes hand in hand

In January 2018 we came up with the first version of JauntBee Peers (earlier named as JauntBee App) which is created for profit-free reasons. The team had launched the first market-ready version free of cost in the aftermath of crimes during 2017. Several more advanced models with a new collection of features will be coming soon.

Neonex STEAM designs JauntBee Peers for every traveler and vulnerable person. Jaunt is a pleasure or short trip and Bee is diligent effort. We, the team were concerned about the lack of safety in India for children, women, and the elderly, and thus, in our spare time, without the motivation to make a single penny, created this app for a Better World. These may also be used for more efficient maneuvering in public areas and workplaces. We hope it will deter murder, assassination, and other crimes.

We do hope that the topmost visitor and corporate-sector device will be preferring this app. With the help of our friends, as with all of you, we want this app to be synonymous with security not just in India, but worldwide. Recently also, its social meaning was better understood in the context of a short infotainment film released with the same name.




JauntBee Movie


  • The film was created to illustrate one of the social ramifications of the JauntBee device
  • The movie is available at YouTube | PortoCafe PLX | JauntBee Axis
  • Original Release: 18th October 2018 at MGM Miraj Cinemas
  • 2nd Release: 8th March 2019 on OTT Platform 
  • Conceptualized by: Parveen Singla and Directed by: Sukhbir Gill

JauntBee Axis


Yes, you have read right with JauntBee Axis, you get a combo of the JauntBee Peers, and Vision Document Book. As we believe in the philosophy of Safety and Productivity always go in sync with each other.  

JauntBee News

Our aim is to provide authentic news of Disaster Management and Crisis during the pandemic outbreak of the 2019-nCov. We recommend you bookmark important websites to keep you abreast with the latest information on the COVID 19

JauntBee Thermox


JauntBee Thermox is an indigenously developed healthcare cum safety solution that is beyond just being a thermometer. Being a Non-Contact Thermometer allows a person's temperature to be taken into contact with a minimum (tympanic) or no person (Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer [NCIT], Thermal Scanner). Non-Contact Infrared thermometers are kept three to 15 cm away from the patient and are typically measured on the forehead or temple.


JauntBee Enterprise Drive

JauntBee Enterprise Drive (earlier known as JauntBee Native Drive) is a disruptive high-end solution meant for Businesses and Industries comprising features: Crowd Management, Map Database Management, Safety Detection, Vehicle Detection, Crossing Alert, Vehicle-to-Person Alert, Telematic Control Unit, Automotive Navigation, Augmented GPS, Hybrid Navigation, Walkway Alert, Vehicle Tracking, Geo-Fencing, Geo-Messaging, GPS Tracking Unit helps and enables State, Local Agencies, and Administrators, Organizers of Mass Gathering Events and Venues to manage Crowd effectively and effectively. JauntBee Enterprise Drive refers to the Proactive Steps that can be taken to avoid potential problems in an establishment. It is the most recommended option for High Level Security and Safety.


Neonex STEAM means Viksit Bharat Ka उभरता हुआ Brand